Welcome to Non-Fiction Feminism

We are here to present issues faced by over half of the world every single day in a way that will hopefully further discussion and raise awareness. We will be covering a variety of topics based in solid facts and studies.

At first, it was mostly going to cover our personal experience with the subjects, but we realized how limited our perspectives are and want to get as many perspectives as possible. We are not here to tell you that your opinion is wrong. With more understanding of how other people think about what it truly means to be equal, we can hopefully get to a place where you can see where another person is coming from and why that doesn’t necessarily mean they are wrong or a bad person.

We are open to collaboration with anyone who is willing to engage in thoughtful and respectful discussion, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or anything else. We will be editing each submission for syntax and relevancy and it will be up to our discretion as to when each post is published. We will take care of all the backend blog logistics, all we need from you is your story and your perspective.

The goal here is not to change the world overnight. It is not to start a viral trend or change the minds of millions. But if this brings even slightly more awareness and gets just a handful of people thinking, we’ll consider it a success.

About the Editors

This blog was founded by two Boston University graduates: Kristen Gloss and Charlotte Jolicoeur. Kristen majored in Journalism and concentrated in Psychology. Charlotte majored in Public Relations and minored in Psychology.

After sharing our own experiences and hearing those of many of our peers, we feel that there is something more that we can do to make this world a safer place for everyone. Hence we started this blog.

We think it’s about time to have more productive conversations about the problematic experiences that women and many other people face. Together we can work towards a better world. A world in which no one has to fear walking down the street, or second guess what they’re wearing, or tell their friend they’ll text when home safely. A world in which everyone is equal and treated as such.

Topics To Be Covered:

  • Street Harassment
  • What is Feminism?
  • Sexual Assault
  • Rape
  • Sexism in the Workplace
  • Victim Blaming
  • More to come….

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