Street Harassment Isn’t Always Sexual

I have a few bad experiences about street harassment, but the most recent one that hurt the most wasn’t sexual harassment, but it was a negative experience:

I was walking down the street with my dog and I came to a part of the sidewalk where it was a bit more narrow and only one person could pass at a time. I met with a man walking in the opposite direction, so I stepped to the side to allow him to pass, and when he saw me he started yelling “Why are you getting in the way, you’re so fat, you’re fat!” And he kept yelling “You’re so fat, you’re fat!” as I passed and walked away.

I hope sharing this experience helps bring awareness about how uncomfortable this makes people feel and how terrible they feel about themselves. I ask myself what I did to warrant someone saying something like this to me (whether it is a sexual harassment on the street or someone yelling something mean.)

– Ivana

This post is part of a series of contributed posts about individual experiences with street harassment. If you are interested in sharing your experiences, please submit

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